Isuzu and Honda link on fuel cell trucks

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Partnership said to combine Isuzu’s truck and Honda’s fuel cell expertise

Isuzu says demand for cleaner vehicles led to the Honda partnership

Japanese makers Isuzu and Honda have signed an agreement to conduct joint research on heavy-duty trucks using fuel cell (FC) powertrains.

In a statement, Isuzu cites facing demand "to reduce exhaust gas/carbon emissions from mobility products in order to address the on-going global challenge of reducing humanity's environmental footprint.

"Moreover, from the perspective of energy security, the industry is required to take initiatives to promote utilisation of renewable energy."

It points to its research and developing in clean diesel engine, engines for natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and electric vehicle (EV) powertrains "which accommodate a broad range of customer needs and how vehicles are used", with this new partnership leveraging Honda’s FC research for "over 30 years".

The link was born of its efforts to expand its line-up of next-generation powertrains for heavy-duty trucks, together with Honda’s application of its FC technologies beyond use for passenger vehicles.

"Sharing the same technological research goals, the two companies reached an agreement to conduct joint research on heavy-duty FC trucks," the statement says.

Isuzu adds there are still some issues that need to be addressed regarding use of FC and hydrogen energy, including cost and infrastructure.

"These issues need to be tackled not only by individual companies but more expansively through industry-wide initiatives," it says.

The two makers aim to establish the foundation for FC powertrain and vehicle control technologies.

"Through this joint research, Isuzu and Honda will not only realise clean, low-noise, low-vibration heavy-duty trucks customers are waiting for, but also promote expansive discussions by the industry so that the use of FC trucks and hydrogen energy can contribute to the future prosperity of the logistics industry and all other industries in our society and to the early realisation of hydrogen society."


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