Goetze launches 492GOX oxygen safety valve

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German valve specialist Goetze has launched the 492GOX, a new high-pressure safety valve with a swivel body outlet for oxygen and oxygen-mixed gases.

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Officially known as the 492GOX, the safety valve is rated for oxygen applications up to 420 bar. The valve is also approved for oxygen with adiabatic pressure shocks in a range between 50 bar and 420 bar at 60 degrees Celsius.

The oxygen valve has a compact design with a swivelled body outlet which allows for position adjustments to be made even after the valve has been installed.

Oxygen handling requires extreme care as in its pure gaseous form oxygen is highly flammable and explosive as well as being toxic if inhaled.

Oxygen-specific safety valves are therefore needed in a range of industries including industrial or medical gas production, compressor manufacturing and component and plant manufacturing.

The 492GOX is made from brass and stainless steel and has been manufactured in such a way as to exclude any possibility of an accidental oxygen reaction.

The 492GOX manufacturing process involves an isolated clean room which has been pressurised with conditioned air at 20 millibar to ensure particles and other contaminants from the outside environment are avoided.

Goetze says the valve is manufactured in this environment by highly trained and specialised staff in accordance with international quality and safety standards. Once completed, the valves are set and sealed at the factory before shipping to ensure customers’ receive a fully compliant valve on delivery.


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