SSAB introduces Hardox 500 Tuf steel wear plate

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Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB has introduced the new generation Hardox 500 Tuf wear plate for buckets, containers and tipper bodies

Hardox -500-Tuf -steel -wear -plate

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  • 475-505HBW Brinnell rating

  • Highly dent and crack resistant

  • 4-25mm thickness

SSAB says the Hardox 500 Tuf plate has exceptional strength, hardness and toughness and offers up to double the service life when compared with Hardox 400.

The wear plate is suitable as structural material in heavy-duty tipper bodies and buckets. The steel can also handle regular work loading and unloading heavy and sharp rocks in quarries and mines, handling large and heavy scrap steel and in demolition work where pieces of concrete with rebar are dropped into tippers.

The Hardox 500 Tuf steel is highly dent and crack resistant and has a Brinnell hardness rating window of between 475-505HBW.

The plate is available in thicknesses of between 4-25mm, and in widths up to 3350mm and lengths up to 14,630mm. The steel plate is workshop-friendly, and can be bent, cut and welded by the same machinery used for other Hardox grades.


Hardox -500-Tuf -steel -wear -plate


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