Kaeser intros space-saving FSD rotary screw compressors

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One of the new Kaeser FSD rotary screw compressors One of the new Kaeser FSD rotary screw compressors One of the new Kaeser FSD rotary screw compressors

Kaeser Compressors has launched its latest-generation space-saving FSD series rotary screw compressors.

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Based on the premise that air-cooling of rotary screw compressors can be significantly more cost effective than water-cooling, Kaeser uses a radial fan to draw in ambient air directly through the cooler without being pre-warmed.

The company says the 250kW-plus FSD compressors can therefore be used in ambient temperatures as high as 45C

A thermostat-controlled radial fan for fluid cooling helps achieve further energy savings.

It is integrated into Kaeser’s new Electronic Thermo Management (ETM) system, which "regulates oil temperature to ensure a safe and consistent differential from the dew point temperature, thereby avoiding unnecessarily high compressed air discharge temperatures and leading to additional energy savings", Kaeser says.

With the heat recovery option, a second ETM system allows for even more efficient usage of the available heat energy.

"This optimised efficiency results from the newly refined screw compressor blocks equipped with high efficiency and flow optimised Sigma Profile rotors," the company says.

"Developed by Kaeser and continuously enhanced ever since, the Kaeser Sigma Profile achieves power savings of up to 15 percent compared with conventional screw compressor block rotor profiles.

"Furthermore, the screw compressor block is directly driven by an energy-saving IE4 super premium efficiency motor that operates at a low speed of 1490 rpm.

Direct drive not only eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear drive, but also reduces energy consumption, maintenance requirement and sounds levels."

The FSD.3 series rotary screw compressors are also available in water- cooled versions.

Either version is available with 250kW or 315kW drive power, working pressures of 7 to 15 bar and free air deliveries from 29.2 to 58 m3/min. They are available as a standard fixed speed machine or with Sigma Frequency Control.


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