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Haulotte’s new Star 6 Picking personnel lift, which tops out at a working height of 5.8m, has been announced for Australia.

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The vertical mast lift has been built with double lateral – or ‘lambo’ – doors to provide easy access, as well as a sensor which halts activity if one of the doors is open.

Because of the vertical movement of the platform and doors, the Star 6 Picking takes up very little floorspace, even when in use.

Haulotte Australia says the lift also features plenty of lighting to warn pedestrians of the lift’s approach.

"The system is automatically activated when the machine is in motion, projecting a spotlight to alert bystanders," Haulotte says.

"This makes it possible to enhance the machine’s visibility around corners, preventing collisions with pedestrians in warehouses or customers in shops."

The picking tray, which is easily accessible for the operator, can carry loads of up to 80kg, making it ideal for warehouses which do not require a full-sized forklift.

Haulotte says the Star 6 Picking moves at 4.5km/h, and can perform multiple movements at once to save time.

"The Star 6 Picking moves quickly to ensure optimal productivity.

"The possibility of elevating the platform and the picking tray simultaneously also makes for greater efficiency."

The lift’s platform size is 0.76m x 0.92m, while the picking tray size is a smaller 0.74m x 0.50m.

The whole machine will only take up 1.65m x 0.79m in total, making it an ideal space-saving indoor lift.

The Star 6 Picking is powered by a 6-volt, 180 Amp-hour battery, and comes with a 30A battery charger.

Haulotte says the lift is a very low maintenance product, as it doesn’t have several parts which usually require attention.

"The reverse caisson with the three-stage cylinders has no chain and no cable.

"This means the operator benefits from a rigid and safe machine.

"With no carbon brushes to change, no hydraulic drive and less mechanical parts for the on-wheel axis, maintenance is close to zero."


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