Innovative dust suppression nozzles from Tecpro

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The Ultrasonic Atomiser Nozzles from Tecpro Australia use mist, air and sound to suppress dust in moisture-sensitive environments such as conveyor transfer points in the mining, cement, quarries and materials handling industries.

Innovative dust suppression nozzles from Tecpro
The Tecpro Ultrasonic Atomiser Nozzles in use.

The ‘whistling nozzles’ use a process in which tiny water jets are injected into a high-speed airflow before passing through a field of sound waves, Tecpro says. These sound waves are produced by a resonator in the front of the nozzle which breaks the atomised spray into even smaller water droplets.

"The size of the droplets can be controlled to match the size of the dust particles by simply controlling the air pressure," the company says. "The droplets can be as small as 46 micron in diameter up to 600 microns in diameter.

"The mist produced by the Ultrasonic Atomiser is so consistently fine, it evaporates quickly. This avoids the formation of mud and sludge in the vicinity. Plus, the Nozzles are drip-free due to their infinite turn down ratio."

Tecpro Australia technical consultant Patrick Cooper describes the nozzels as "foolproof" as they are easy to install and require very little maintenance due to their self-cleaning properties and larger than usual nozzle hole.

The Ultrasonic Atomising Nozzles can even be used in existing applications where air and water piping are already installed, Cooper adds.

He says that choosing the right solution can be difficult, which is why Tecpro will take into consideration key factors such as the type of dust, how it is generated, the prevailing conditions, mounting location for sprays, available water supply and other influencers for a specific application.


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