New Selecta portable air conditioner keeps you cool in summer

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Agricultural and rural machinery distributor Silvan Australia has introduced its new Selecta FC 440 portable factory evaporative air-conditioner to provide customers with comfortable environments wherever they need to work.

New Selecta portable air conditioner keeps you cool in summer
Silvan says its new Selecta FC 440 Portable Evaporative Airconditioner is the ideal solution to create comfortable workplaces including trade workshops, garages, on farm buildings and retail areas ranging from 70 to 100 square metres.

A compact standalone and portable unit operating on 240 volts mains powers the Selecta FC 440, resulting in a high maximum airflow of 12,000m3 per hour.

Silvan says the air conditioner is ideal for use in workshops, garages, larger retail areas and outside events to keep conditions cool and comfortable for customers to work in.

Using a 440 watt electric motor, the unit offers three adjustable fan speeds, with air-direction swing functions.

The unit is fitted on four swivel wheels, two of which can be fixed once the preferred position is determined.

As an evaporative cooling unit, it has a water capacity of 70 litres and can be filled from or connected to a garden tap.

A float valve control on the unit ensures sufficient water is available while an electric level sensor and a liquid sight level indicate if water levels are low.

Additional features include a remote control unit and a timer function for automatic pre-start set and stop functions.

Silvan Selecta representative Michael Frost says the unit has been developed in answer to increasing customer demands for a machine that will keep them cool at work in warm conditions.

"The Selecta unit has the ability and features to create a cooled comfortable workplace over areas ranging from 70 to 100 square metres in scope," he says.

"In addition, it is ideal to cool portable outdoor structures like tents, portable buildings and similar structures used for entertainment events and trade shows."

On a dry basis, each unit weighs 43kg and operates at a noise level of up to 63dBa.

The Selecta FC 440 is priced at $999 each and is available from resellers nationwide or direct from Silvan Australia.

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