Yokohama develops tyres for materials handling

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Tyre company Yokohama has developed a smooth tyre especially for materials-handling vehicles operating on paved surfaces at container ports, airports, third-party logistics warehouses and packaged-food handling depots.

 Yokohama develops tyres for materials handling
Yokohama Australia has launched the smooth surfaaced Y69 tyre range especially for material handling vehicles.

According to Yokohama Tyre Australia, its Y69 range has a smooth operating surface to provide maximum traction for materials-handling vehicles.

A company statement says the Y69 series suits a range of vehicles, from straddle carriers for container handling through to tractors used for towing at airports.

"Performance expectation of this range of tyres in demanding circumstances of industry is extremely high," the statement says.

"This is largely attributed to its profile design and how this design works in sync with the smooth tyre surface."

Yokohama asserts the key factor behind development of the Y69 range was to ensure the tyres have a long lifespan to return high productivity to the end user.

"Because performance equates to longevity it increases the number of duty hours it returns to our clients and therefore increases the number of kilometres each tyre travels over that lifespan," the company says.

Yokohama engineers have reportedly designed the Y69 range with a unique wavy side profile using material such as ZSC or cable wire to provide excellent sidewall cut resistance.

The rubber compound used in the Y69 is proposed to makes the product better for tyre roller use, and provides resistance to oily chemicals.

Extra deep tread and reinforced sidewalls also offer resistance to damage and wear caused by extended use in airport, container terminal and warehouse duties.

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