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How a refurbished Crown forklift is boosting operator comfort and performance for Harper Oysters

The Crown C-5 lifting a boat
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The high value of Crown’s refurbished equipment has earned a C-5 Series internal combustion forklift its place in a business with one of the most picturesque views you could ask for as a forklift driver.

Harper Oysters, which was established in 2000 in Dunbogan, New South Wales, manages 1.6ha of oyster leases on Gogleys Lagoon, producing up to 40,000 dozen oysters per year.

With the waterway framed by the 487m-high North Brother Mountain in the background, the location provides father and son team Brett and Jackson Harper with an idyllic setting for their operation.

Shortly after establishing the business the Harpers bought an older forklift which took much of the backache out of loading and unloading oyster racks from their punt during the oysters’ three year maturation time. It also assisted in raising and lowering the punt from the water without damaging it. However, the old forklift suffered from poor reliability.

Brett Harper says the recent upgrade to a refurbished Crown C-5 Series has helped to manage the growing output of the business, which tripled when Jackson joined the business in 2010.

"When you've had rubbish forklifts, you don’t know what you’re missing until you get a good one," Brett says.

"We needed reliability. It's as simple as that.

"The Crown brought a whole new level of comfort, safety, performance and reliability to Harper Oysters' daily operations for a reasonable outlay.

"Our Crown C-5 is very comfortable. It’s easier to get onto when you're getting older and it’s much more stable than our old forklift when you’ve got a load at height," he adds.

The Crown refurbishment program means that Brett and Jackson Harper are enjoying the benefits of a new forklift.

The Crown refurbishment process begins with refreshed paintwork, decals and a new seat and goes beyond skin deep with the replacement of worn parts, fully serviced running gear and hydraulics.

"It's just like a new one, it's unbelievable," Jackson says. "We're just very happy with it, it suits the business well.

"Crown staff go above and beyond when you're dealing with them," he adds. "I'd easily recommend their refurbished forklifts over others."

Posing with the Crown C-5 Series

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