Cost effective alternatives to replacing your crane

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Worker modernising crane Modernisations are one cost-effective way to extend the service life of a crane and update it with the latest technology Worker modernising crane
Worker repairing crane Properly maintaining your crane can add years to its service life Worker repairing crane
Gantry crane with LED lighting Adding new features such as LED lighting to your cranes can also extend its service life Gantry crane with LED lighting

Crane manufacturer Konecranes says that there are three cost-effective alternatives to replacing your existing overhead crane that should be explored before making any expensive decisions.

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There are number of reasons to consider replacing an overhead crane such as a change in production or application demands, new statutory requirements, or the fact that critical components may be reaching the end of their service life.

Konecranes says that before rushing out to buy a new crane, you should consider if modernisation, tailored maintenance or retrofits can extend the life of your crane.


A modernisation focuses on adding only selected new replacement components that will enhance reliability, productivity and safety while preserving aspects of the crane that are in good condition. Common modernisations include replacing hoists, trolleys, operator cabs and controls.

Before determining what modernisations are needed or even possible on a crane, it is advised that the crane undergo a thorough evaluation from a specialist.


It may seem obvious, but proper maintenance can add years to the service life of a crane. Crane maintenance generally falls into two categories: corrective and preventative.

Corrective maintenance, as the name suggests, occurs when a fault has been identified during a regular inspection. Repairing faults in a timely manner reduces the risk of emergency breakdowns and enhances safety.

Preventative maintenance aims to get ahead of problems before they arise. Users should have a detailed, well-planned maintenance schedule that is adhered to regularly.


Retrofits are similar to modernisations but involve adding new features or technologies to the crane, rather than replacing existing features. Typically, retrofits take much less pre-planning and downtime than a full modernisation.

Common retrofits include variable speed control, radio remote control and LED lighting.


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