Equipment focus: Toyota BT Staxio SWE120S walkie stacker forklift

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A need to access confined spaces in its combined factory, cold store and warehouse led Melbourne-based Hellenic Cheese Company to buy a new Toyota BT Staxio SWE120S walkie stacker forklift.

Equipment focus: Toyota BT Staxio SWE120S walkie stacker forklift
Hellenic Cheese’s Jim Konas and TMHA’s Adem Shemshedin with the Toyota BT Staxio SWE120S walkie stacker forklift.

Jim and Julya Konas founded Hellenic Cheese in 1989 with the aim of milking sheep and goats on a commercial scale and combining this with traditional Greek handmade cheese-making techniques.

"We needed to obtain a brand-new forklift, so I sought a price from the existing supplier and two or three others; and the prices from two suppliers were similar for equivalent specification forklifts," Jim says.

"In the end the decision to go with Toyota Material Handling came down to the smooth purchase process and the BT forklift's manoeuvrability in confined spaces.

"We were specific in our model selection as we needed a high degree of manoeuvrability to get into confined areas, and the BT forklift is handling that and other tasks very well," he adds.

BT is the warehouse equipment brand in the Toyota Material Handling family.

TMHA Melbourne area sales manager Adem Shemshedin says the BT SWE120S walkie-stacker forklift’s 208-degree steering range gives Hellenic Cheese the manoeuvrability it is after, adding that "it's a very versatile forklift to use".

Service and maintenance is carried out via a mobile service unit from TMHA’s Melbourne branch.

Part of BT’s Staxio series of electric walkie stackers, the SWE120S has a maximum lift capacity of 1.2 tonnes and a maximum lift height of 4,755mm. Support arms straddle loads to make it possible to handle closed pallets.

"All Toyota BT Staxio stackers are compact, easy-to-use and include low-maintenance/high efficiency AC drive motors," TMHA says. "They are designed according to BT's 'Totalview' concept, to optimise operator visibility at both ground level and when positioning the forks at height.

"Acceleration, speed and braking characteristics are fully programmable to suit each operator's needs. "


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