Things to consider before buying a forklift

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Buying a forklift could be a daunting task if you are not sure what to look for. Combustion counterbalanced or electric? What size and capacity do you need? Forklift Center has some tips for you.

Things to consider before buying a forklift
Buying a forklift shouldn't be a pain. Forklift Centre has nuggets of advice for you.

If you have limited knowledge on forklifts or are just stumped with the wide array of machinery available for sale on the market, making a purchasing decision on your next forklift could be a pain.

But it need not be. Material handling dealer Forklift Center has some nuggets of advice for you to help make your search easier.

  • Specify what and how much you need to be lifting

By answering this question, you automatically narrow your search by tonnage, determining the size and capacity of your forklift.

  • Determine how high you need to lift goods

Not only that, you also have to take your surroundings into consideration, especially when forklifts have masts in front of the chassis. If you need to clear doorways or load a container/trailer, what is the clearance?

  • Where are you doing your lifting? Consider fuel options.

Determining the type of forklift you should purchase depend highly on where you will be using it. If used indoors only, an electric forklift would be ideal. Governmental regulations forbid diesel operations indoors without a smog filter. Do you have access to alternatives such as LPG?

  •      Attachment options

Some forklifts can come with different attachments.  Consider if you need a side shift, fork positioning or specific capture apparatus (paper roll, brick etc). Alternatively, you can purchase attachments to fit to your forklift as long as it adheres to legal requirements.


Based in the Netherlands, Forklift Center offers a wide range of material handling equipment from small pallet trucks to large reachstackers.  With their strategic location near the port of Amsterdam and only a 15 minute drive from Schipol Airport Amsterdam, they can offer speedy worldwide delivery of any of their equipment.

Due to a recent expansion, Forklift Centre has opened up sales offices worldwide including one in New South Wales Australia. On top of offering great deals on used forklifts, they also offer after sales service and support.

To find out more about the business and their forklift range, contact the NSW office at 02 4457 1933.

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